Go with the flow: Up to the challenge (Marathon 2012 – 1)?

There is a story that starts long time ago and it is defining the scope of whatever one is choosing to do at one stage in his life… the challenges…. the ‘menu’  life needs the ‘salt and pepper’  as its ingredients at its main course to get that ‘special’ taste that is soooo much wanted.. there are things more or less important that can influence (positively or negatively)  everything what one does.The result is::  This fight is taking place in your mind and your body just has to cope with it… so easy is it..

Calender 2012

A lot of events for 2012 have set dates and are opening up for subscription.
I have signed up for Les Cimes des Waimes, others will follow soon. Go to the Calender to find what my program will look like this year, and join me if you the have time.