Great to be back!

Today I went mountainbiking again for the first time in Nijmegen. It must have been at least a year since the last time I was there. I started mountainbiking again 1 month ago. Starting slowly with Dorst (short round, small hills), then the Beerzen route (practically flat but a bit longer), followed by the Drunense Duinen (same distance but with small and nasty hills).  Today Nijmegen was up again and I was a bit nervous at the start. Mainly worried about how my knee would feel and about my physical condition which is not that good.

But what can I say, everything went like a charm. Sure, my physical condition is not what it used to be but I could still climb every hill without getting off the bike (so no walking). The only thing afterwards was that I discovered that my saddle had broken. Actually it happened much earlier but I didn’t realize that it had broken because I thought the seatpost had turned. Oh well, breaking stuff is not that uncommon to me, especially if it involves things related to the ‘chair’ concept.

It sure feels good to be back!

Mountainbiking in Nijmegen on a Sunday morning

Mountainbiking in Nijmegen on a Sunday morning

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