Blubbèr dans Angleur

This neatly sums up Reli and my adventures Sunday March 21st at de VTT du Sart Tilman in Angleur, close to Liège. It was supposed to be the first day of Spring, but it reminded me more of a bad day in Autumn. One of those days were you almost immediately regret the decision that you have taken the 55km route at the 45/55 crossing.

On a positive note: it really is nice biking in this area, lots of technical climbs and descents. Definitely worth another visit, when the conditions are little better.

Have a look at the photos to get an impression. Check out the results if you want to see how long it took us to complete 55km.

Getting techky

I have started running and biking at the same time. This made it to complex to handle and visualize the progress.. so I have searched for a techky solution.. HERE IS IT


The Garmin Forerunner 305 is wonderful “not so” pricey tool that can be setup in different profiles and with multiple features. The best one is the possibility to “compete” against yourself. This makes the trainning a  bit more interesting…

Become a Mountainbiker

Or in dutch “word mountainbiker

become a Mountainbiker

become a Mountainbiker

That’s the title of a new book I’ve bought, ok, I know you can not become a mountainbiker by reading books about it but I like this particular book. It’s written by sven nys, roel paulissen and roel van schalen and describes all kind of aspects of mountainbiking disciplines and parts that are used on the mountainbike.

It is a bit a book for beginners and maybe not that interesting for all of us but I particulary like two things. The first is the description of the 10 best moutainbike marathons from all over the world that roel paulissen has competed in and the second part is the simple training schema for biking mountainbike trips around 60 km. (and on the their website also schemas for 100 km trips

I just started this week with the 10 week schema to be able to ride a mountainbike marathon of 60km. This should help me in getting in to shape (after these 10 weeks we will go to compete in limburg mooiste a nice mountainbike marathon in limburg) I know it would have been better to train also in the winter period a bit more, but I hope to get into shape with this training scheme. (training is about 4 to 5 times in a week so I hope I can keep it up these 10 weeks….)