Go with the flow: Up to the challenge (Marathon 2012 – 1)?

There is a story that starts long time ago and it is defining the scope of whatever one is choosing to do at one stage in his life… the challenges…. the ‘menu’  life needs the ‘salt and pepper’  as its ingredients at its main course to get that ‘special’ taste that is soooo much wanted.. there are things more or less important that can influence (positively or negatively)  everything what one does.The result is::  This fight is taking place in your mind and your body just has to cope with it… so easy is it..
Starting in the cold and rainy Dutch winter 😉 while fighting through day and night to reach the goal. Looking at the bright side, it can only make one stronger or at least it can  always reach one’s hope for better and greater wishes. The challenge is the full marathon.. a marathon that is  placed in the middle of the Transylvania…a route that includes a total of 2300 height meters over 42 km.. a real “destination to HELL’…  We know it  from last year when it was a BITCH… it took 5 hours 22 minutes to finish this monster 🙂 AS a side note,  the complete route is better described at www.ecomarathon.ro.
Training means investing your time in special activities that help reach the distance and the  height meters…. the training scheme is a long fight for meters.. a long and silent fight that has the only benefit of creating your own mental world of thinking .. 🙂  :
Training in US
7-jan 20,4 km
14-jan 22,5 km
21-jan 25 km
28-jan 28 km
4-feb 25 km
11-feb 30 km
18-feb 35 km
25-feb 30 km
3-mrt 25 km
10-mrt 30 km
17-mrt 35 km
24-mrt 32 km
31-mrt 25 km
7-apr 15 km.
the whole scheme takes into account a 50-60 km running total per week . As the main distance is 42 km with a 2300 height meters, a specific training needs to be added. The result is a scheme that includes the long distance training including the special training for the height meters. Well, there is a comparison between what men does in their life to reach any goal and the proportional work that one needs to do. The rule is clear..the more work, the more benefit, the more fun.. also when  more risk…. the more interesting..special.. and different the challenge is..
More to come into the the final story…. the MARATHON…

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