Here it comes again…. EcoMarathon Moeciu 2011

The story begins last year when I have decided to put myself up for a new challange: The Marathon ( ย The decision was made and a long plan of action was made… easier sayd then done. Training for marathon distance requires a different state of mind as it is first a challange with yourself. There are 42 km to be passed… 42… One can easily say that if you can run 21 (a so called Half marathon) you can also run 42. But there is not even a bit of truth in it.. it does not give you the perspective of having to fight for each km that is still to be added.. a fight that increases exponentially as your body limits are reached.

So.. I started running and running and running making over 100 km per week. I have run in different places (from Australia to Kuala Lumpur), different conditions (wind, rain, airco ๐Ÿ™‚ ), different groups ( GVAC, colleagues, alone, …). The challange is following the schedule and keeping up with it. I have now the full confidence that on 7th of May I will be up for it. I will be letting you guys know how it went as soon as I will recover ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Here it comes again…. EcoMarathon Moeciu 2011

  1. Multumim pentru participare!! Tinem legatura si ne bucuram sa va revedem oricand!
    A fost o mare bucurie ca ai revenit si in 2011 si asteptam povestea ta din timpul cursei!!

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