New bike…..

After many many kilometers I have decided to go for another bike…  I did not wanted to choose from any other bike type then Garry Fisher, as the frame fits my style perfect.

Going through the internet I could not make up my mind so easy anymore so I have started searching and searching… posts, forums, etc.. till I realized that the only thing that I really want is the same bike as the one that I have now. My “Sugar Race” worked perfect.. it has climbed mountains in Nederlands ( 🙂 ) , Belgium,  Luxembourg, Germany, Romania, Spain, Croatia, Austria and France… it has been on the road (or so to  for more that 10000 km in 2 years and 1/2…  It has hold me strong for all those miles without any complain ( not counting the fals :-)) .

So…. there it is.. the new Garry Fisher : Cake 3 (


Let’s welcome “HER” in our family  😀

5 thoughts on “New bike…..

  1. SHE is a nice bike, indeed!

    Please, promise us that you’ll treat her like a lady. This means go gently, don’t crash, and no swearing when she’s around!


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