More biking is more energy!

Today I went with Erik for a daytrip to Rheden (Gld). For me it was to long ago that I have been mountainbiking and I needed this excersise as a training for the Mergelland route later on in September.

We started with sunshine and 18 degrees celcius. The first eight kilometer were up and down but none of us had to walk besides his bike;). After five kilometer we saw a bunch of deer (with young ones).  After these first 8 kilometer the track was relative flat but in one of the most sceneric areas of the Netherlands. After 40 kilometer Bas could feel the lack of excersise during July and August and his legs were heavier and heavier.

After 45 km Bas and Erik decided to split up and Erik choose the challenge of the Posbank instead of biking directly back to the car. After 3 hours of mountainbiking both Bas and Erik did 50 km in one of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands. Not the most challenging track but a track in beautiful nature.

And Bas……… He needs more excercising and training for the Mergelland track.

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